About Us

DiySecurityCameraWorld.com/(DSC Technology LLC) soon grew to be one of the leading Surveillance technology distributors and solution providers in the United States. We pride ourselves to have been consistently bringing the latest products and technologies to the market and delivering value, solution and quality experience to our customers. Whether you are looking for a basic camera for discreet home monitoring or a sophisticated surveillance system for commercial security, DiySecurityCameraWorld.com/(DSC Technology LLC) provides professional quality equipments that best match your needs. Most importantly, DiySecurityCameraWorld.com/(DSC Technology LLC) understands that surveillance systems are meant to protect the things people cherish, so all DiySecurityCameraWorld.com/(DSC Technology LLC) products are backed by courteous technical support and a 2-year replacement warranty for maximum reliability. With DSCW confident reassurance, you can keep an eye on your valuables while maintaining focus on your goal.


Our products range from introductory-level to advanced, high precision identification cameras and related accessories. DSCW broad ranges of products are adapted to suit your required applications and your budget. From conventional to indoor/outdoor dome cameras, pinhole to WDR (Wide Dynamic Range), IP image, and pan/tilt/zoom cameras, DSCW will make protecting your property and loved ones a simpler task.

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